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Blader door items (5852 in totaal)

- TM 5006 - De Hoofdenbakker

Wie ontevreden is mijn zijn/haar hoofd (uiterlijk, karakter) kan naar de bakker (van Eeklo, Wartena etc.) om zijn/haar hoofd te laten herbakken.

Volksverhaaltype - TM 8073 - Het is niet mijn broer...

Het is niet mijn broer, maar wel de zoon van je vader? Antwoord: dat ben ik zelf. Hierop zijn ook ingewikkelder varianten gemaakt, waarin iemand de mop eer foutief begint door te vertellen.

Volksverhaaltype - TM 8072 - Tattas be like


Memen over de cultuur van witte Nederlanders (tattas / patattas is Sranan voor aardappels) vanuit het perspectief van niet-witte Nederlanders.

Volksverhaaltype - TM 4905 - Dwaallichten (stalkaarsen)


'Dwaallichten' zijn rondzwevende lichtjes die ook wel stalkaarsen, droglichtjes, weerlichten, of stallichten genoemd worden. Vooral grote donkere heidevlakten waren de ideale plek om dwaallichtjes tegen te komen.

Dwaallichten komen in bijna alle…

Volksverhaaltype - TM 8071 - Jantje horrormop


Gruwelijke moppen waarin Jantje het slachtoffer is.

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1587** - Accuser is a Madman


The robber who makes people believe his accuser is mad [K1265]. Cf. Type 1525L.

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1587* - Dog as Weapon


»Whoever wants to strike someone will find a weapon.» The accused strikes the judge with a dog.

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1586A - Fatal Killing of the Insect


Cf. 1586, 163A* (a) A fool sees a fly light on his mother's (companion's) head and hits it with an axe, etc., killing his mother [J1833.1, N333.1]. (b) When a grasshopper (fly) lights on a hunter's shoulder, his companion shoots it, killing the…

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1586 - The Man in Court for Killing a Fly


[Cf. 163A*, 1586A] Told by the judge he should kill a fly wherever he sees it. Kills the fly on the judge's nose. [J1193.1].

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1585* - The Peasant's Promise


Consulting an attorney, a peasant promises a rabbit as payment. His defense for non-payment: has directed the rabbit to go to his attorney's house, but was mistaken in the address. [Cf. J1881.2.2].

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1585 - The Lawyer's Mad Client


(Patelin says »Baa»!) The man sells the same oxen to several people. On the advice of the judge (lawyer) he feigns insanity when brought to court. When his fee is demanded he still feigns insanity. [K1655].

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1581* - Shoemaker Makes Shoes Without Measuring


Scatters ashes and measures the tracks. [J1146].

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1580A* - Fool Overmounts


Falling to mount his horse, fool makes such extra effort that he falls on the other side. (Thanks to St. Anthony!).

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1579* - Reverse Merit


The tricky inn-keeper praises the forest guards before the baron in exactly the reverse of their merit, so that the pursuer of the thief of wood loses his place and the other, who permits the wood to be stolen, receives a reward. [K2136].

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1579 - Carrying Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage across Stream


A man is to set across a stream, in a boat that will hold himself and only one other object, a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. He must do this so that the wolf doesn't eat the goat, nor the goat the cabbage. Two solutions: (1) (a) take goat over, (b)…

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1578B* - How the Woman Came to Loathe Tripe


Is shown the unappetizing manner of its preparation.

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1578A* - The Drinking Cup


A thirsty man stops at a house and asks for water. He is offered water in a cup. After he drinks the water, he asks the boy if his mother will care if he drinks more. The boy answers no, because there is a dead rat or worms in the water. The man…

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1578* - The Inventive Beggar


He gives the woman a knife to cut him a slice of white bread. He gets the whole loaf when he says that he has just cut a dog with the same knife. [K344.1].

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1577* - Blind Robber Paid Back


The blind beggar steals 100 marks from the man. The latter steals into the blind man's house and overhears that he has 1000 marks hidden and steals them [N455.1]. Cf. Types 1341, 1525P*.

Volksverhaaltype - AT 1577 - Blind Men Duped into Fighting: Money to be Devided


Trickster says that he is giving one of them money to be divided with the others. Gives it to none. They quarrel and fight. [K1081.1]. (Cf. K1883.6.)