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- The Dragon Slayer

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The Dragon-Slayer. Rescue of the princess. Cf. Types 301, 303, 305*,315, 466, 466*, 466**, 502, 530, 532, 553. I. The Hero and his Dogs. (a) A shepherd, (b) with a sister who afterwards proves to be faithless, or (c) other hero (d) acquires helpful dogs,(e) through exchange or (f) because they were born with the hero; or (g) through kindness he receives the help of animals; (h) he also receives a magic stick or sword. II; The Sacrifice. (a) A princess is demanded as a sacrifice and (b) exposed to a dragon. She is offered to her rescuer in marriage. III. The Dragon (a) breathes fire and (b) has seven heads (c) which magically return when cut off. IV. The Fight. (a) While waiting for the dragon, the hero is loused by the princess and (b) falls into a magic sleep. (c) She awakens him by (d) cutting off a finger or (e) letting a tear fall on him. (f) In the fight, the hero is assisted by his dogs, or (g) his horse. V. The Tongues. (a) The hero cuts out the tongues of the dragon and keeps them as proof of the rescue. (b) An impostor cuts off the dragon's heads, which he later seeks to use as proof. VI. Impostor. (a) The hero leaves the princess (b) with an injunction of silence as to his identity; or (c) he is murdered and (d) resuscitated by his dogs. (e) The impostor forces an oath of secrecy from the princess. VII. Recognition. (a) The hero intercepts the impostor on the wedding day, when he secures recognition (b) through the theft of the wedding cake by his dogs, or the presentation of (c) the dragon tongues, (d) of a ring, or (e) of another token. I Cf. also Tales of the Stupid Orge, Types 1000—1199.




I. L100. Unpromising hero. P412.1. Shepherd as hero. K2212. Treacherous sister. B421. Helpful dog. B312.2. Helpful animals obtained by exchange. B311. Congenital helpful animal. Born at same time as master and (usually) by same magic means. B350. Grateful animals. B391. Animal grateful for food. B392. Hero divides spoil for animals. B312.1. Helpful animals a gift. D1254. Magic stick. D1081. Magic sword.
II. Bl 1.10. Sacrifice of human being to dragon. S262. Periodic sacrifices to a monster. T68.1. Princess offered as prize to rescuer. Q112. Half of kingdom as reward.
III. Bl l. Dragon. G346. Devastating monster. Lays waste to the land. B11.2.11. Fire-breathing dragon. B11.2.3.1. Seven-headed dragon. B11.5.5. Self-returning dragon's head.
IV. D1962.2. Magic sleep by lousing. Picking the lice from the head of an old person or an ogre is used to put him to sleep. D1975. Dragonfighter's magic sleep. While waiting for fight with dragon, hero falls into magic sleep. D1978.1. Waking from magic sleep by cutting off finger. D1978.2. Waking from magic sleep by letting tear fall on sleeper.
Bl l.l l. Fight with dragon. Bll.ll.l. Dragon fight: respite granted and dragon returns with renewed strength. B11.11.2. Hero's dogs (horse) prevent dragon's heads from rejoining body. B524.1.1. Dogs kill attacking cannibal (dragon). K1052. Dragon attacks own image in mirror. R111.1.3. Rescue of princess (maiden) from dragon.
V. H105.1. Dragon-tongue proof. Dragon-slayer cuts out the tongues and uses them later to prove his identity as slayer. R111.6. Girl rescued and then abandoned. K2262. Treacherous charcoal-burner. K2265. Treacherous red knight.
VI. C422.1. Tabu: revealing dragon-fighter's identity. Dragonfighter forbids princess whom he has rescued to tell who he is. B515. Resuscitation by animals. K1933. Impostor forces oath of secrecy. K1932. Impostor claims reward (prize) earned by hero. N681. Lover arrives home just as mistress is to marry another. T151. Year's respite from unwelcome marriage. H151.2. Attention drawn by helpful animals' theft of food from wedding table: recognition follows. H83. Rescue tokens. Proof that hero has succeeded in rescue. H105.1. Dragon-tongue proof. H80. Identification by tokens. H113. Identification by handkerchief. K1816.0.3.1. Hero in menial disguise at heroine's wedding.




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