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- The Woman Who Understood Animal Languages

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I. The Ring and the Corpse. A newly married bride hears jackals, etc., talking and learns that a corpse floating in the river has on its finger a valuable ring [N547]. She pulls the corpse from the river and removes the ring. (a) In order to remove the ring she has to bite off the finger. Her husband sees her, believes her to be a cannibal ogress [N342.6], and decides to return her to her family. II. Reconciliation. En route she overhears animals (birds) telling where a treasure is hidden. Her husband learns the truth and they are reconciled. (a) The husband stays to guard the treasure and the wife returns for her father-in-law. He sees her coming back alone, believes she has killed his son and is returning to kill him, and slays her before she has a chance to speak.