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- The Goulish Schoolmaster and the Stone of Pity

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[= 437]. Cf. Type 710. I. Ghoulish Schoolmaster. A princess accidentally sees her schoolmaster eating a corpse (Cf. Type 707A). He lays a curse on her: she is to lie sick for seven years, seven months, and seven days, and then to be transported by a cloud to a mountain. II. The Sleeping Prince. All happens as prophesied. On the mountain in a palace she finds a prince lying as if dead and an inscription saying that he could be awakened if for seven years, seven months and seven days he is rubbed with a certain herb by a maiden who will become his wife. III. The Treacherous Slave Girl. Out of fatigue the princess entrusts her task to a slave. When the prince awakens he marries the slave and the princess becomes her maidservant. IV. The Stone of Pity. She asks from the king's marshall a knife and a stone of patience. The marshall overhears her telling her story to the stone, which swells with pity. The prince listens and sees the stone burst. She is about to kill herself with the knife. The prince interferes. They marry and the slave girl is punished.




I. G11.9. Ogre schoolmaster. Girl sees schoolmaster eat human flesh. Refuses to tell him what she saw. He persecutes her. D2064. Magic sickness. Z72.2. Seven years, seven months, seven days.
II. D1960.3. Sleeping Beauty. Magic sleep for definite period (e.g., a hundred years). D714. Disenchantment by rubbing. D750. Disenchantment by faithfulness of others.
III. K2251.1. Treacherous slavegirl. K1911.1.4. False bride finishes true bride's task and supplants her. The true bride must perform a certain task to win her husband and, being exhausted, commits the task to a slave.
IV. H13.2.2. Recognition by overheard conversation with stone. Q581. Villain nemesis. Person condemned to punishment he has suggested for others.




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