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Een broodjeaapverhaal (internet), donderdag 21 september 2006


Hai, het viel me tegen dat jullie dit verhaal nog niet hebben: Als je likeur Baileys mixt met frisdrank, dan leg je het loodje doordat de schiftende likeur je spijsverteringssysteem verstopt.

During the eighties an urban legend took hold amongst students in the Netherlands and Belgium that the combination of Baileys and tonic was deadly. The two substances were supposed to solidify into a dense mass and clog up the entire bowel system. The ensuing constipation would entail certain death. But as it goes with urban legends, this rumour is heavily exaggerated.

Baileys is a liqueur made with cream. As is the case with milk, cream will curdle whenever it comes into contact with a weak acid. Milk and cream contain casein which coagulates when mixed with weak acids. This is why it is not advisable to mix the drink with Lime cordial. Tonic, like every carbonated drink, is a weak acid and will clot the casein (it is this same process that makes Baileys the key ingredient in the "joke shot" known as a Cement Mixer). A Cement Mixer is an alcoholic drink usually made with lemon juice and Baileys Irish Cream, but can also be made with other acidic alcohols in place of the lemon juice. One takes a shot of lemon juice first and holds it in their cheek then they take a shot of Baileys Irish Cream and mix it in their mouth. The acidity of the lemon juice curdles the Irish Cream then they swallow the mixture. However, the gelatinous pudding that emerges from their union is of course far from lethal -- if it were, drinkers of straight milk or cream would be endangered, as coagulation is in any case a natural consequence of the acidic environment of the digestive system.

The efforts of Baileys to unseat this myth have been rather fruitless. Today many students still know the story and believe it to be true.


BRUN 04030 - The Death of Little Mikey    BRUN 04030 - The Death of Little Mikey   


Wie een mix drinkt van Baileys en frisdrank gaat eraan dood, doordat de schiftende likeur je spijsverteringssysteem verstopt.


Ingezonden in de Nederlandse Volksverhalenbank van het Meertens Instituut


2006-09-21 16:26:00
Op het moment van inzenden, stond het verhaal al tweemaal in de Volksverhalenbank opgetekend, en ook in twee varianten met Mentos en andere snoepjes.
The Death of Little Mikey

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