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AT 1535    AT 1535   

- The Rich and the poor Peasant

Een sprookje (),


(Unibos.) The rich peasant kills the poor one's horse. The clairvoyant horse-skin and the adulterous priest. The rich peasant kills his horse and his wife. Diving for sheep. I. The Watcher Penalized. Money is exacted from a watcher who permits the theft of (a) a chest falsely said to be full of money [K443.3.1] or (b) a wooden cow supposed to be a real cow [K443.4]. II. False Money. Lime (or ashes) said to be gold is sold or exchanged. [K121]. III. Magic Cow-hide. (a) The pseudo-magic cow-hide [K114] (horse-hide, bird-skin) is sold to the adulteress or her husband [K1571.1], or (b) it is exchanged for the chest in which the paramour is hidden [K1574]. Cf. Type 1358B. (c) The paramour pays to be freed [K443.1]. Cf. Type 1358A. (d) Money is otherwise found. IV. Fatal Imitation. (a) When the trickster reports the price his cow-hide has brought him, his enemy kills all his cows to sell their hides [K941.1] or burns his house to get high price for ashes [K941.2]. (b) The trickster by means of a flute (fiddle, knife, staff) resuscitates an apparently dead woman: his enemy buys the object and tries it disastrously [K913]. V. Fatal Deception. (a) The trickster escapes from a sack (chest) through exchange with a shepherd [K842]; see Type 1737. (b) His enemy wants to get sheep in the same manner and dives to the bottom of the sea for the sheep; cf. Type 1525. Note. Tales containing only part Va are listed under Type 1737, which is identical.




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