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AT 1641    AT 1641   

- Doctor Know-All

Een sprookje (),


The stolen horse. The stolen money (»That is one of them»). The covered dish (»Ah, poor crab that I am»). Often joined with the story of the sawed pulpit; cf. Types 1810C*, 1825C. I. The Sham-Doctor. A peasant named Crab (Cricket, Rat) buys the clothes of a doctor and calls himself Doctor Know-All. II. Betrayal of the Theft. He is employed to detect a theft and is first feasted.AT the entrance of the first servant (orAT the end of the first day) he remarks, »That is the first one (second, third)». The servants confess. III. The Covered Dish. As a test of his powers he is to tell what is in a covered dish (crabs): in despair he says, »Poor Crab!» IV. The Stolen Horse. (a) By giving a purgative he unwittingly assists in the discovery of a stolen horse or (b) takes the owner to the horse that he has previously hidden.




I. K1956. Sham wise man.
II. N611.1. Criminal accidentally detected: »that is the first» - sham wise man. N611.2. Criminal accidentally detected: »That is the first» - sleepy woman counting her yawns. Robber hearing her flees.
III. N688. What is in the dish: »Poor Crab».
IV. K1956.1. Sham wise man gives a purgative and helps find a lost horse. K1956.2. Sham wise man hides something and is rewarded for finding it.




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