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AT 1889    AT 1889   

- Münchhausen Tales

Een sprookje (),


[X900]. The following types appearing elsewhere in this work belong to the Münchhausen canon: 0513A, Six Go Through the Whole World; 1880, Boy Shot from a Cannon; 1881, The Man Carried through the Air by Geese; 1890, The Lucky Shot; 1894, The Man Shoots a Ramrod Full of Ducks; 1896, The Man Nails the Tail of the Wolf to the Tree; 1910, The Wolf Harnessed; 1930, Schlaraffenland.




**Vidossi In Margine ad alcune Avventure di Münchhausen (FFC CLXII)
Münchhausen Wunderbare Reisen (references by chapter).