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- The Ring of Polycrates.

Een sprookje (),


The Ring of Polycrates. This tale exists chiefly in two different forms:
(1) When King Amasis learns about the military success of Polycrates he advises him not to provoke the jealousy of the gods. As sign of his humility he should throw away the thing he likes most. Thereupon Polycrates throws his most precious ring into the sea. Some days later a fish is given to him in which the ring is found [N211.1].
(2) Because she is haughty (annoyed at a beggar) a rich woman (landlord, businessman) throws her ring into the sea (river, lake) saying, “As improbable as it is that I will see this ring again, so improbable it is that I will ever become poor”. The ring is returned to her and a short time later she becomes poor. Cf. Types 745, 745A, 836, 930A, and 933.




Classical origin (1): Herodotus (III, 40–43).

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