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Items in de Volksverhaaltypen collectie

Items in de Volksverhaaltypen collectie

The fox plays dead; a man throws him on his wagon of fish. The fox throws the fish off and carries them away. The wolf imitates and is caught.

The rabbit plays dead. The girl lays her basket down to pick up the rabbit. The fox steals the basket.

The bear (wolf) is persuaded to fish with his tail through a hole in the ice. His tail freezes fast. When he is attacked and tries to escape, he loses his tail.

Dupe's tail is buried or hair tied. He is then attacked.

and filled with stones. Wolf persuaded that it is filled with fish.

three times. Basket of rocks tied to his tail. He loses his tail.

so that his tail of flax is burned.

The fox covers his head with buttermilk (blood, urine, etc.) and says that his brains have been knocked out. Frightens the bear.

As he throws them from the roof-beam, he falls into the room and is beaten. The fox pretends to have received even worse punishment.

The fox shams sickness and is carried by the wolf. Cf. Type 72.

Says that cones are dropping from the trees.

The fox to the bear, who is biting his foot: »You are biting the tree root.» The bear lets loose.

and release victim from his mouth.Usually cock and fox, fox and wolf, or mouse and cat. Cf. Type 61A.

and the fox a chicken. Fox asks wolf: »Where did you get that goose?» Wolf answers and goose flies out of his mouth. Fox avoids answering wolf and keeps chicken.

The bear and the fox wager as to which can name three trees first. The bear names different varieties of the same tree. The fox wins the wager.

The bear (wolf) wants to be painted like the birds. The fox persuades him to lie on a haycock and sets fire to it.

and trades them for the eyes of a tree .

the animals shoot it; the fox drives them away.

The trickster pretends to make the dupe beautiful. Injures him.

In the field and in the stable. The bear works: the idle fox cheats the bear.

The fox pretends to hold up the roof so that it will not fall on the bear's head.

the bear the more bulky chaff. At the mill the fox's grain makes a different sound from the bear's. Cf. Type 1030.