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- The Spinning Woman by the Spring. The Kind and Unkind Girls

Een sprookje (),


The real daughter and the stepdaughter by the spring, or the rolling cake. Cf. Types 403, 510A. I. Kind and Unkind Girls. (a) A real daughter and a stepdaughter or two sisters or (c) other girls, one kind and one unkind, go from home, the kind girl first. II. Start of the Journey. (a) She falls into a well or climbs down or is pushed in for losing a spinning contest; or (b) she is sent for water to a well, spring, or river or (c) to gather wood (get food); or (d) she leaves home to seek service or (e) she is sent to a secluded spot or otherwise abandoned; or (f) she is assigned difficult or impossible tasks (gathering flowers at midwinter, etc.); or (g) she is sent from home for other reasons. III. The Pursuit. She pursues (a) objects which a river carries of (animal intestines which she must wash, etc.) or (b) cotton which the wind has blown away or (c) a bird which has flown away with an object or is lost, or (d) a rolling cake or ball. IV. Encounters en Route. In the course of the pursuit she encounters (a) various animals which ask her help: (a1) cow (goat) to be milked (with pail on its horns), (a2) sheep to be sheared, (a3) horse (donkey) to be groomed, (a4) etc. (b) She is kind to an old man or old woman (louses or feeds them). (c) She obeys requests of objects, e.g. (c1) removes bread from oven, (c2) oils or treats gently a gate or door, (c3) cleans or repairs a spring, (c4) shakes an apple tree. (d) She maintains silence about unusual sights. - (e) The grateful animals, persons or objects, (e1) help her later in her flight, (e2) reward her on her return or (e3) forward her journey. V. End of the Journey. She arrives at the abode of (a) an old woman, (b) old man, (c) witch, (d) animals, (e) supernatural person (fairy, devil, giant, the twelve months) or (f) religious personage (Virgin Mary). (g) This is usually in the lower world, though sometimes (h) on the earth by a river, a spring or in a forest. VI. The Old Woman's Tasks. Here she remains and is assigned tasks: (a) doing household or farm work; (b) cleaning, tending or feeding a person or supernatural being, e.g., (b1) Iousing, (b2) giving drink of water, (b3) feeding, (b4) dealing gently with heads in a well; (c) cleaning or attending to animals; (d) maintaining polite conduct under difficult conditions; (e) doing impossible things, e.g., (e1) bringing water in a sieve, (e2) washing black wool white; (f) observing tabus (forbidden room, etc.). (g) She is given enigmatic commands and must do the opposite. (h) She is helped with the tasks, usually by animals. VII. The Reward. (a) She is offered as a reward for success with the tasks the choice (a1) between fine or common things or (a2) between attractive or ugly caskets, or (a3) objects which say "take me" and those which say "don't take me"; (a4) she makes the modest choice and is rewarded. (b) Gold, gems, flowers fall from her mouth or hair and (c) she is made more lovely. (d) She is given wealth, jewels, clothes, etc. or (e) other good things. VIII. Kind and Unkind. When on her return home her sister learns of her success she attempts to have the same adventures, but is unkind and disobedient to everything and everyone and is punished (a) by disfigurements, e.g., (a1) frogs, etc. falling from her mouth, (a2) horse's tail on her forehead, (a3) horns on her head; or (b) she is killed or severely beaten; (c) or she is made hideous. (d) When she makes the wrong choice of caskets she finds it filled with fire or snakes, or the like. - Analysis based on Roberts.




I. S31.5. Girl persuades her father to marry a widow who has treated her kindly. S31. Cruel stepmother. L55. Stepdaughter heroine. L102. Unpromising heroine. L50. Victorious youngest daughter.
II. S146. Abandonment in pit. S143. Abandonment in forest. S338. Father abandons his daughter in forest and leaves axes tied so that they move in wind. S322. Children abandoned (driven forth) by hostile relative. H934.3. Tasks assigned by stepmother. H1020. Tasks contrary to laws of nature. H1023.3. Task: bringing berries (fruit, roses) in winter.
III. D1313. Magic objects point out road. N791. Adventures from pursuing object carried off by river. N777.2. Bucket dropped into well leads to adventures. N777.3. Flax dropped into well leads to adventures. N777.4. Spindle dropped into well leads to adventures. N777.1. Adventures encountered in running after cotton being blown away by wind. N792. Adventures from pursuing objects carried off by bird. H1226. Pursuit of rolling cake leads to quest. H1226.3. Pursuit of rolling golden apple leads to quest. H1226.4. Pursuit of rolling ball of yarn leads to quest.
IV. B350. Grateful animals. B344. Cow grateful for being milked. D1658. Grateful objects. D1658.1. Objects repay kindness. D1658.1.4. Continually slamming doors grateful for being fastened. D1658.1.5. Apple tree grateful for being shaken. D1658.1.1. River grateful for being praised even when ugly. D1658.1.3. Bitter water grateful for being praised. D1658.1.2. Figs grateful for being praised even when ill-tasting. N825.2. Old man helper. N825.3. Old woman helper.
V. F93.1. River entrance to lower world. F92. Pit entrance to lower world. Z122.3. The Twelve Months seated about a fire. G204. Girl in service of witch.
VI. H935. Witch assigns tasks. Q41. Politeness rewarded. Q41.2. Reward for cleansing loathsome person. G466. Lousing as task set by ogre. H1192. Task: combing hair of fairies. G219.9. Witch's back covered with nails and broken glass. Q42.1.1. Child divides last loaf with fairy (witch, etc.). H1537.1. Bear demands that heroine play Blindman's Buff. H1010. Impossible tasks. H1023.2. Task: carrying water in a sieve. H1023.6. Task: washing black wool (cloth, cattle) white. C611. Forbidden chamber. C337. Tabu: looking up chimney. Q62. Reward for ability to keep secrets. H580.1. Girl given enigmatic commands must do the opposite. H982. Animals help man perform task.
VII. L211. Modest choice: three caskets type. J229.3. Choice: a big piece of cake with my curse or a small piece with my blessing. L215. Unpromising magic object chosen. C811.1. Tabu: heeding persuasive voice of magic drum. Not to pick up the drum that says "take me". L220. Modest request best. D1454.2. Treasure falls from mouth. D1860. Magic beautification. Q111. Riches as reward.
VIII. Q2. Kind and unkind. M431.2. Curse: toads from mouth. D1870. Magic hideousness.




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